Since 1950 Fleetwood has been surprising families with how much home they can afford. Over the years, we have satisfied nearly 1.5 million customers by offering the quality, floor plans, and design options that home buyers expect to find in a custom home.

Families from all walks of life invest in Fleetwood manufactured homes and park models because of our reputation for building the finest homes, pricing them affordably, and backing them with outstanding service and warranty protection.

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1. Spacious floorplans and vaulted ceilings allow for open and airy kitchens, large family rooms and glamorous baths with ample light and beautiful decor.

2. Sealed floors in baths, kitchen, and utility room allow for easy cleaning and prevent damage from spills and overflows.

3. Insulated floor cavities (with aluminum or fiberglass ductwork) allow for greater airflow, exceptional hearing and cooling, and lower energy bills.

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4. Non-combustible blown cellulose insulation provides superior climate control and safety.

5. Energy saving insulation meets or exceeds industry standards throughout the country for maximum energy efficiencies.

6. Coleman Furnaces designed to maximize home comfort are fully A/C ready with a 5-wire thermostat.

7. Whole house ventilation system introduces fresh air throughout the home, improving indoor air quality and lowering energy costs.

8. Vented ceiling cavity provides complete attic ventilation (on composition roof homes) to prevent heat build-up.

9. White ventilated closet shelving provides a clean look, lets clothes breathe, and keeps items organized and easy to find.

10. Built-in name brand appliances and fixtures you know and trust.

Quality Construction

11. All steel chassis (with I-beams spread out to 96” on center) for exceptional home stability and superior side-wall strength (frames in Western states are 100” on center).

12. Transverse floor joists for additional strength to support greater weight throughout the home.

13. 2”x6” or 2”x8” floor joists provide lasting side-wall support (floor joists vary by home size and/or building requirements across the country).

14. Heavy duty floor decking withstands a concentrated load of 200 lb./sq. inch so you can place heavy items anywhere you wish.

15. Structural graded 2”x4” wood studs every 16” in all exterior walls deliver long lasting durability, support and strength (Western states use either 2”x4” or 2”x6” wood studs every 24”).

16. 3” or 4” thick walls with gypsum interior wallboards absorb sound to provide privacy and quiet seclusion in each room (Tape and texture is available in select areas of the country).

17. Bridge-type truss rafters rated 2 1/2 times greater than HUD roof (live load) requirements.

18. 20-year roofing manufacturer’s warranty on professional grade roofing materials for additional peace of mind.

19. Weather resistant, attractive exterior siding provides an air infiltration barrier and helps you save on energy costs.

Safety and Security

20. Smoke alarms placed in all bedrooms and living areas are interconnected, and have battery back-up for added safety.

21. Ground fault interrupters (GFI) in baths, kitchen and exterior receptacles protect you and your family members from electrical shock.

22. Copper wiring and/or rigid gas piping, depending on the region of the country, meets or exceeds stringent federal codes for reliability and safety.

23. Non-corrosive and freeze-resistant water lines are in insulated areas under the floor for weather protection.

24. Electrical wire protection with metal sleeves and plates protects you from electrical shorts or shocks from nails or screws.

25. Well-lit exterior entries of the home for added safety and security.

Lasting Beauty and Value

26. We build features into our homes to meet your lifestyle needs, to make your home more beautiful and your life easier.

27. Our skilled craftsmen design beautiful custom cabinets to match your decor and to handle all your storage needs.

28. Our beautiful vinyl wallpaper is professionally designed, long lasting and easy to clean.

29. Carpets come in a stunning selection of colors and thickness with stain protection for lasting beauty.

30. Thick, durable vinyl no-wax floors are easy to clean and maintain, keeping your home beautiful.